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July 2009

Here we are at the Houston Association of Realtors Digital Media Camp! The event sold-out and was held at the Hilton Hotel on Post Oak Blvd, near the Galleria Mall.  250 Realtors attended the event, John Daugherty, Realtors had 12 agents there.   Good information on how to use social media networking to help sell homes and find buyers for your listings. Social media skills has now become a part of the tool set that successful Realtors must use in their marketing efforts. The topics that were discussed were Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging.

Here are a few group photos.

Starting from the far back: Al Hanks, Nancy Herzig, Margo Cunningham, Jo Reid, Melodie Kentshire

Social media skills has now become a part of the tool set that successful Realtors must us in their marketing efforts. The topics that were discussed were Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging.

As part of the fun Rebecque Demark won a digital watch!


In just over 2 short weeks since its launch, John Daugherty, Realtors’ on-line Live Chat is a huge success. Our clients have been enjoying the convenience and instant access that it gives them to our agents. Meanwhile, our agents are embracing this technology as a great business generating tool of both buyers and sellers. In fact, many agents are staying logged on to assist web site visitors who want to “chat” way after normal business hours.

Darren Moore, our Web Marketing/IT Manager, has lead the charge in offering this unique feature to visitors of our web site, as well providing training and guidance to our agents in order to convert live chatting into live real estate transactions. The success of this program continues to increase with each passing day.

John Daugherty, Realtors is the first real estate company in Houston to offer Live Chat, proving once again that we stay on the cutting edge in terms of the latest technology and services that we provide to our clients. As a company, we are committed to evolving with the changing technology, while utilizing all viable marketing channels in order to maximize the exposure that we give to all of our listings. At the same time, many buyers and sellers are being lured by our advanced marketing expertise and use of various social media platforms in highlighting the extraordinary services that we give to our clients.

We recognize the significant impact that these technological changes are having on the real estate industry as a whole. As for the relocation industry, the impact is equally apparent. The use of social media and Internet marketing in lieu of traditional print advertising has become a very hot topic at global relocation conferences and among relocation professionals in general.

As it happens, less than 5% of our business is generated as a result of print advertising. In contrast, about 80% or so of our clients begin their real estate buying or selling process on the Internet. As such, we are becoming more and more Internet-centric in our marketing strategies and capturing more of this business as a result.

Live Chat is just one of the many new features that we have planned for our web site in order to better serve our clients. Many new and exciting additions are currently in the works, so please check back often and stay tuned for details.

For now, I encourage you to visit our web site at www.johndaugherty.com to learn more about our company and innovative marketing style. While there, please check out our Live Chat.

On June 19, 2009, Governor Perry signed into law House Bill 3612 (“HB 3612”), which establishes a new appeals option for those with property valued over $1 million.  View the entire article at:  http://www.fwbusinesspress.com/display.php?id=10555.

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