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May 2010

Homes Correspondent
 John Daugherty, Realtors’ Susan Solcher and her husband Steve Solcher chaired the Texas Children’s Cancer Center sixth annual “An Evening with Texas Legends,” presented by Wells Fargo, honoring 29 Texas A&M University “Junction Boys.” 

  The “Junction Boys” is the name given to the “survivors” of Paul “Bear” Bryant’s 10-day summer football camp in Junction, Texas, that began on Sept. 1, 1954. “This event was for Texas Children’s Cancer Center and our Texas Legend this year was The Junction Boys of Texas A&M,” said Solcher, who has been associated with John Daugherty, Realtors since 1987. “We raised almost $700,000 and more than 1,100 people attended. My husband and I are both graduates of A&M, so it was quite an honor to do this. We had many past coaches, the Ross Volunteers, the Yell Leaders and Singing Cadets — all from A&M— plus Gov. Rick Perry and his wife.”

Homes Correspondent

Lamar High School held its Distinguished Alumni Luncheon and among the group were John A. Daugherty Jr., and John Daugherty, Realtors’ Charlie Neath, Wanda Beaudry, Markley Crosswell and Ted Leslie were in attendance for the event. Having the annual luncheon gives the school the opportunity to honor some of the distinguished alumni who have graduated from there in the almost 70 years since it opened. 
The alumni association uses the proceeds from the luncheon for projects to improve the school, such as new computers for students and teachers, video equipment for the student television program, an irrigation system and plants, and new lighting and sound for the auditorium. John Daugherty, Realtors is a contributing benefactor to Lamar High School








May 3, 2010, 5:55AM

Sebastian Dominguez got help from a pro this weekend.

That was good — he had plenty of customers, access to restaurant equipment and constant encouragement — but he also discovered something entrepreneurs have always known.

Being the boss is hard work.

Ryder Hammond, left front, 11, and his twin brother, Wyatt, serve Astro legend Jeff Bagwell a glass of lemonade at a stand they put up in front of one of John Daugherty Realtors’ listed properties Sunday in Bellaire.

Sebastian, 10, and his friends Will Schuster and Duncan Guinn ran one of thousands of lemonade stands operating across the city Sunday, part of a project to teach kids the basics of business.

As many as 50,000 kids participated in the fourth annual Lemonade Day —an event that got its start because Lissa Holthouse wanted a pet turtle.

“She asked for the money, and I said ‘No,’ ” said Michael Holthouse, a Houston businessman and philanthropist.

Lissa, then 10, decided to sell lemonade to earn the money herself.

Holthouse tagged along as Lissa sold lemonade on Memorial, turning his daughter’s desire for a turtle into a lesson on running a business.

“It really got me thinking, what a beautiful way to teach entrepreneurship to kids across the country,” he said.

That was 2006. Prepared 4 Life, a nonprofit organization Holthouse created to work with youth, started Lemonade Day the following year.

By 2009, there were 27,000 stands in Houston, and kids sold 2.2 million glasses of lemonade. The project spread to 12 other cities this year.

Restaurateur weighs in

Sebastian, a fifth-grader at Bunker Hill Elementary School, has been involved from the beginning. This year, he got a boost from Markos Garcia, owner of 100% Taquito.

Garcia allowed Sebastian and his friends to set up in front of his restaurant and offered advice on running a business.

That included sticking to a budget and using fresh ingredients — lime juice doesn’t age well, so you have to squeeze throughout the day, and the boys spent much of their time in the restaurant kitchen, hand-squeezing a seemingly endless pile of limes.

“And in restaurants, location, location, location is important,” said Garcia, who started out with a taco truck while he was a student in the University of Houston entrepreneurship program. He’s been in a storefront on the Southwest Freeway for 12 years.

Kids who participate in Lemonade Day are urged to spend some of the money they earn, save some and give the rest to charity.

Sebastian plans to donate his profits to a friend who had to move back to Mexico several months ago.

Brothers to donate profits

Wyatt and Ryder Hammond, who are both 11, said they would give their earnings to Patrons for Bellaire Parks.

Sunday they set up in front of a vacant house in Bellaire — Realtor John Daugherty allowed kids to set up wherever his company was sponsoring an open house — and began raking in the money.

That part was fun, especially when a tour bus carrying Holthouse and a crew of supporters stopped by.

Jeff Bagwell, the former Astros All Star who signed on to support Lemonade Day several years ago, gamely purchased a glass of lemonade — limeade at a few stops — before posing for photos with the young entrepreneurs.

Lissa Holthouse, by the way, never got that turtle.

“I guess she lost interest,” Holthouse reported.

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