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November 2010

Posted by Darren Moore

The Microsoft Tag 2D barcodes featured on yard signs give buyers comprehensive details of the property for sale.

John Daugherty, Realtors, has become the first Houston real estate company to incorporate a powerful new mobile technology called Microsoft Tag on yard signs. The Tag technology was developed by Microsoft and is free of charge. The Tag Reader app can be downloaded from http://gettag.mobi to mobile phones, such as Windows Phone, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android-based Internet-capable mobile phones that include a camera. Once downloaded, with just a quick scan from a smartphone, buyers will have instant access to property description, price and photos along with local information such as maps, schools, nearby restaurants with ratings and shopping.

The Microsoft Tag 2D barcodes featured on yard signs give buyers comprehensive details of the property for sale.

“Technology is changing our business every day.  It’s critical for the real estate industry, as well as any other, to be on the forefront of technology,” said Darren Moore, Director of Web Marketing of John Daugherty, Realtors.  “We have to learn to sell real estate today the way the buyer wants it.  Not the way we want to sell it to them,” said Moore.  “We currently have over 500 properties listed for sale that we will be adding THE TAG to over the next couple of months,” said Moore.

According to Tech Crunch, Overall smartphone ownership continues to march upward, with 42.7 million of US consumers reporting they had a smartphone in January 2010 and 55.7 million in August 2010. That is a 23 percent increase in smartphone ownership in 8 months. Gartner is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. They predict by 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide.

“It’s very clear where this trend is going; that this is just the tip of the iceberg and we are going to be a big part of it,” said John A. Daugherty, Jr., president of John Daugherty, Realtors. “We are committed to constantly seeking innovative ways to use technology and marketing to serve home buyers and sellers,” added Daugherty.

Daugherty will reference the Microsoft Tag in marketing campaigns as “THE TAG”. THE TAG will also be used in print media advertising campaigns to drive consumers to the website.

John A. Daugherty, Jr., a fourth-generation Houstonian, founded John Daugherty, Realtors on March 8, 1967 and has served as its president and CEO ever since. In 2009, the firm reached $9.75 billion in total property sales since the millennium (2000). John Daugherty, Realtors is the largest seller of upscale residential homes for the Houston real estate area, currently employing 170 real estate agents and 54 support-staff members.

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