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Before Selling Your Home

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By Sarah Rufca
April 29th, 2010 at 1:40 PM

Anyone who knows anything about real estate knows the name John Daugherty.

His real estate firm, founded in 1967, handles Houston’s toniest estates, and John Daugherty Realtors signs sometimes seem ubiquitous around River Oaks, Southamption, and Tanglewood, with yearly sales that now surpass $8 billion.

But it’s the man behind the famous name that will be featured on tonight’s new episode of Profile (10:30 tonight on Channel 8, Houston PBS).

“With John, I was interested to talk to him quite frankly because you see his signs all over town,” Profile host Greg Scheinman tells CultureMap. “He’s someone that has done such a great job of building a personal brand off of his name. When you see the John Daugherty sign, you immediately think of luxury. That’s a tough thing to do, build a personal brand and have your name really stand for something.

“We talked about how he got started and has grown and built himself this high-end niche,” Scheinman continues. “He was really niche before it was a buzzword. John has an interesting story, and really knows how to attract a certain type of buyer and a certain home seller. We talked about how you sell yourself and how to manage hundreds of agents and independent contractors. It’s a very different challenge than just selling.

“Also the risks that he’s taken — real estate by Internet was very scary to him for a while, especially when you pride youself on personal service. But he embraced it and now he’s a leader in online sales.”

Scheinman interviewed Daugherty in the latter’s home on Lake Conroe. They even took a ride around on Daugherty’s classic Chris-Craft boats.

“Most people dreads commutes, but he enjoys it because he can be with himself and gather his thoughts,” Scheinman says. “Daugherty does have a place inside the loop, but he spends more and more time at his Conroe house. We talked about the need to balance a personal and professional life, and that’s why he enjoys spending time out there.”

It is important to have a neat and organized garage before placing your home on the market for sale.  The garage is the most often overlooked part of the home.  Keeping a well organized garage while your home is being showed to potential home buyers shows that you take great pride and ownership of your home.   It just takes a little bit of elbow grease and the right storage solutions to get into shape.  Here are some great tips to help you get started.

Start by sorting through the clutter; determine what stays and what goes. 

  1. Place the items that you want to save in a clear container and labeled.  For items that are hazardous chemicals place them in a locked cabinet out of the way. 
  2. Open and adjustable shelves are perfect for storing items away and off the floor.
  3. Clear off you workbench, hang tools on a peg board or on the wall with hangers.  Bikes can also be hanged from the ceiling or on the wall.
  4. Anything that can’t be hung put them in a storage compartment.
  5. Keep the floor swept and possibly give it a fresh coat of paint.

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