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Houston Luxury Real Estate Brokers Serve Up Elegance

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Luxury real estate in Houston, A Quiet Elegance

Houston luxury real estate TanglewoodA subdued elegance that nonetheless easily overcomes the din of “ordinary” prime real estate. Houston’s luxury residences depend not on overt opulence, but true premium quality and classical and traditional themes that appeal to the sense of proven traditions of excellence. It’s a community sense that pervades like an old comfortable redolence. Since the earliest days of Houston’s expansion to a world class city, its living standards in these luxury communities were planned for preservation of not just value, but of traditionally valued sensibilities of how home should feel. Through uniquely tailored associations, these communities have been maintained to the highest standards of gracious living and those who find them benefit from far more than just the value of their own luxury property.

John Daugherty has lived and known Houston’s unique homes and neighborhoods for decades- now his 45th year in the Houston luxury market. He knows every nuance of each of Houston’s upscale communities. River Oaks, Tanglewood, Memorial, Galleria and each of Houston’s finest locales. We are uniquely positioned to precisely meet your expectations and bring you the home experience closer to perfect than you could imagine. Peruse out our new magazine section on the home page for an overview of Houston’s luxury real estate available.

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